When interviewing for a software development position companies want to see your experience and contributions, but having worked at another company is not sufficient enough to prove that you are qualified. Most other career pathways don’t act this way. For example, in medicine you might be required to stay up to date on certain topics, but there is no expectation for you to contribute more to the field outside of working hours. No other field that I am aware of requires interviewees to prove their knowledge in the same way the computer science does. If the interviewee has the certification, education, or training then they are fit for the job. I believe this is due to the lack of standardization in computer science. Other engineering fields have to take a standardized test 3 years after graduation to become a professional engineer. If computer science were to implement something similar we could stop putting so much pressure on interviewees to prove that they can do the job and allow software engineers to live a life outside of code.